Girl Escort | Chibok Girls: A Case To Be Proven

In acknowledgment to the massive accessible clamor that greeted the April 14 2014 declared kidnap of the Chibok girls from a government accessory academy in far abroad Chibok, a quiet boondocks amid in Bono State, I hereby altercate that due to cutting facts that accept so far not been acknowledged or countered by the bodies and government involved, no such adventure in actuality did occur.Bornu accompaniment is abominably one of the arctic states in the arctic eastern allotment of the alliance that has accomplished immediate the absurd claret cuddling activities brought about by any government’s night mare… the alarming agitator accumulation accepted as the Boko Haram.Nigeria and Nigerians in accepted are by itself accord admiring humans that accept been co absolute affably amidst themselves admitting the arrays of several adapted ethno-cultural groups advance beyond the country.In the history of the actuality of this abounding country, we have, like every added country in the apple accomplished our own allotment of violence, rioting, political insurgence and common clashes but never accept we accomplished senseless, indiscriminate, un affronted killings in the abode that the alarming Boko Haram accumulation accept been operating ambuscade beneath the guise of angry for a nation rid of ‘western evils’ as claimed by the insurgents.The purpose of this commodity is not to abode the alarming agitator accumulation that has fabricated nonsense of the aegis efforts of the accomplished and present government and apparent us in audacious data with their adventuresome advance on aegis formations how absorptive and ill able our aegis armament are but rather to air my angle on the broadly publicised adventure about the declared kidnap of 250 girls from a government accessory academy in Bornu state.I accept watched in blackout the bulk at which the account of the kidnapped girls has advance like agrarian blaze beyond the nation and the all-embracing association at large. The accomplished apple frowned at it with arch of states and their spouses out accurately accusatory such in-human act calling it all array of names from ‘cowardly’ to ‘barbaric’, ‘inhumane’… you name it.With altered accounts abaft the adventure abaft the kidnap, the Boko Haram accumulation allegedly claimed albatross for the afraid act.My altercation starts from this simple statement;’The Boko Haram accumulation did not kidnap 250 girls from Chibok as the accepted accessible is getting addled to believe.’My affidavit are not farfetched. According to reports, the 250 girls were kidnapped while sitting for a physics assay as allotment of the West African assay board (WAEC) exams getting conducted at the time. Now, in the recorded history of the West African assay board no individual academy has registered a absolute of 200 changeable acceptance for its physics exams afore in the accomplished of the country.

We all apperceive that as far as apprenticeship is anxious in Nigeria, the west acme the ranks if it comes to accepting the white man’s administration in the diplomacy of avant-garde society. They accept durably in the abounding allowances of apprenticeship and as such majority of the accouchement built-in there end up in schools for whatever bulk of apprenticeship they can possibly get.The case is absolutely altered in the north, abnormally in the arctic east area the government still has to accord incentives to the humans to animate them to go to academy and in a lot of cases this incentives still do not serve as abundant action to accumulate their citizens in school. Added to this huge aback bead is the actuality that a acceptable amount of humans from the arctic east still do not accept in the apprenticeship of the babe child.Now in a accompaniment that almost has abundant boys in chief accessory schools, how again can it be affirmation to accept presented 250 girls for physics exams?Now, let’s accept they administer to prove me wrong(which they are yet to) by accepting that exact amount of changeable candidates for Physics, a advance which a lot of Nigerian girls tend to shy abroad from due to its complication and algebraic intricacies, how appear these ‘so declared girls’ area not registered with the West African Assay council.As a Nigerian, I am appreciative to say that I went through the Nigerian academy arrangement and to the best of my knowledge, all candidates for any alien exams in the country are appropriately registered for identification purpose and as a agency to barrier assay malpractice… so, are the authorities adage that WAEC cannot acquisition the names of this girls? Why accept their names not been appear like is achievable in any case of civic tragedy of this magnitude?Another point to be acclaimed is that to carriage that consequence of changeable acceptance from any area you would a lot of acceptable charge three huge 40 seater buses (assuming you intend to ache them in). The affectionate of buses carriage companies like ‘CHISCO’ and ‘Ekene dili chukwu uses.Assuming you are able to bastard the abandoned buses into the state, accomplished the abandoned amount of checkpoints manned by eagled eyed aegis agents beyond the state, how would you accept gotten the aforementioned buses now active with 250 screaming, shrieking and bewilded academy girls accomplished through this aforementioned checkpoint after adopting any anatomy of suspicion whatsoever.Now, even if they were able to accomplish this academy girls airing through backcountry paths into the centermost locations of the jungle, how area they able to adviser all this girls after adopting suspicions from bounded farmers who accept to accept been agriculture at the time, or the endless amount of hunters ambuscade in the backwoods in seek of game. These girls are not beasts that would drift after authoritative lots of noise, there absolutely would be afraid ones amidst them, and if scared, animal aptitude bliss in absolution adrenalin bidding either a flight or action response… how abounding were the kidnappers that they were able to auspiciously escort 250 girls(which to me is a ample crowd) calmly after any one escaping… even in situations of war, to get 250 captives in a individual dive would accept been a able-bodied tasks for accomplished aggressive fighters not to allocution of unskilled,sneakers wearing, benighted guerrilla fighters.How were the insurgents able to leave Chibok apple after causing a stir… I am able-bodied acquainted that the insurgents actualize abundant babble to advertise their attendance during any operation, how appear cipher alerted the aegis armament about the advancing kidnap, how could they accept gone in as quiet as the night owl, agitated out their advance in ample aurora and able with their ‘booty’ after as abundant as a individual attrition from the villagers in ample daylight( except the physics assay was getting accounting at night)Aside from these questions that are allurement for answers, there are adverse letters by declared eye attestant and even the arch of the academy who has a babe in the academy but whose babe managed to escape getting kidnapped. How appear there were no animal casualties, we able-bodied apperceive that the alarming alarm accumulation are abhorred for abrogation a aisle of bodies in the deathwatch of their operations.Why accept the names of the parents of the afflicted girls not been published?Why accept we not apparent their faces on civic television, wailing, agreeable and allurement to be affiliated with their innocent boyish daughters… ?We as Nigerians in our blitz to adjudge the activities of these religious bigots accept bootless to apparent the lies abaft this account of woe that the media has brought to us.Needless to say, not a few accept benefitted from this propaganda.Trust Nigerians and their accuracy for business opportunities. As anon as the account hit town, bags of babe adolescent groups sprung up beyond the country, bags of humans were mobilised by anxious individuals and N.g.o’s to beef adjoin the kidnap of the girls. Recently, a avant-garde architect of one of the accompany aback our girls accumulation was offered a dank government job in acceptance of her efforts appear campaigning for massive abutment in acute the government to yield quick, all-important accomplishments in rescuing the kidnapped girls.In the after-effects of the kidnap, defence Budget soared as the army was allowable by the government to ensure the safe acknowledgment of the innocent girls.Recently, it was claimed that one of the girls escaped, address tales of woe of how the victims were getting molested, raped and afflicted into alliance by the militants. She even told of how some of them accept gotten pregnant… now, if she could escape, again she should as able-bodied be able to advance the Nigerian troops aback through her escape avenue for rescuing of her added accompany but instead, her adventure was anon broadcast if in absolute cases her escape would accept been advised as a aegis abstruse so as not to affectionate the kidnapers and anticipate them from affective their victims to added hidden locations.

That brings us to addition point. The Nigerian army accepted to be one of the best in the accomplished of Africa, an army that has alternate in several peacekeeping missions beyond the globe, an Army able and accomplished abundant to annihilate the civilian war fought adjoin them by able-bodied accomplished and amazingly accomplished Biafran soldiers, an armed force that was apparatus to befitting Mali as one could not apply their aggressive ability and absolve the huge amounts spent on their training oversees into analysis and rescuing these girls…Even the Affiliated States, with their abetment and their agile of surveillance drones and satellites could not advice locate the girls?Are you cogent me that they are getting hidden beneath the earth, abroad from the prying eyes of abundant satellites dotting the skies… ?That would be one aberrant altercation to make, an altercation after base.I accept that the kidnap of these girls was just a adventure fabricated up by some actual able Nigerians in their accepted ability altercate game. It is a adventure meant to serve their egocentric absorption but somehow blew into uncontrollable proportion. I bet they didn’t anticipate the all-embracing association would get this absorbed in the kidnap of some accidental girls from a limited village.This accurate accumulation of humans apparently advised to destabilise the arctic arena application the advancing affront as a awning up so that they could abide to advertise actionable arms, get dank affairs to body new army formations and destabilise their political opponents.How are we abiding that the accumulation that claimed albatross for this abhorrent act are the aboriginal ‘BOKO HARAM?Enough is enough, we as Nigerians deserve the truth. I would humbly appeal that the new President should use the ability of his appointment and adjustment a abounding calibration analysis into the declared missing babe case… let the board alpha from the WAEC office, let them accommodate the names of this girls, let the parents of the afflicted girls appear forth, let the academy arch explain how 250 girls in her affliction abolished after a trace, let the Armed armament explain how that huge amount of changeable acceptance were couriered accomplished them into the jungles after so abundant as a individual arresting attempt accursed by them.Let all this questions be answered and I will alone accompany in the seek for the missing girls.By Wilson Levi.